My Special Weekend for My Wife

My wife is not the type of person to spoil herself at all. She has no problem spoiling me or our three children, but she always puts herself last in that category. To me, that makes her even more beautiful, and it also gives me the opportunity to spoil her since she won’t do it for herself. One of the ways she excludes herself in this category is by not wearing jewelry. When we first met, she had a couple of women pearl choker necklaces that looked amazing on her, especially when she wore no other jewelry.

That made the chokers stand out even more, and I realized not long ago that I had not seen her wearing anything like that since the first couple of years of our marriage. That is when I decided to really spoil her. I had her sister help me pick out a really nice dress and a pair of strappy heels that she would enjoy. I might have needed help with those purchases, but I already knew which choker I was going to get her to wear with it. Read More…

Let a Machine Do the Mixing

I love baking more than any other form of cooking. For a party, I volunteered to make some cakes that would show off my baking skills. Normally I mix things by hand with a whisk, but it can get pretty tiresome. Since I had to make four cakes and didn’t want to be tired out by all of that mixing, I looked into getting a good hand mixer. I wanted a mixer that would deliver enough power to get through the toughest mixtures of ingredients, while also being affordable enough, comfortable to hold, and have interchangeable attachments for different purposes.

One of the most affordable mixers I saw was a pretty bare bones one. It came with two beaters and had two speed settings. While it had the necessary things for mixing, I wanted more control and attachments. Some baking tasks require more than just slow and fast, and beaters won’t be necessary for every situation, like those moments where I want to make dough for bread or cinnamon rolls. Read More…

Shopping for Clothes Online

Shopping for Clothes Online

Shopping for clothes online can save you a ton of money not to mention the convenience.  You can pick up stuff from your favorite designer or in a style you love for a fraction of the price.  No more mall crawling and driving from store to store, why bother when you can sit at home and get all of it online.  In fact shopping online gives you even more variety than going to the mall.


While shopping online is the most convenient thing ever, you don’t get to try clothes on before you buy them.  It’s the one drawback.  If clothes don’t fit, they are no good to you.  Here are some tips to avoid that from happening and to help make sure you get the right size when you shop online.

Break out the measuring tape

The first step in getting the right fit is to make sure that you have the right measurements.  If you are not sure how to take your measurements then watch the video below.  Your measurements also need to be up to date, if you were a size 4 six months ago, that could change.  Also each site may do their sizing a little differently so double check.

Pick the right retailer

Before you bust out the credit card to pay for that gorgeous dress, check with the site’s return policy first.  You want to make sure that if the clothes don’t fit that you can exchange them at no extra cost.  Some retailers have great policies in this regard, others…not so much.  Mistakes will happen and you won’t always get the right size, but that happens shopping in the mall too.

Make sure they are clearly sized

Some retailers just label clothes in small, medium and large.  This is way too vague, for instance in Asia a size 34” might be considered extra-large, while in North America it’s a medium.  Get as size specific as you can.

Check the sizing chart

Almost every retailer that sells clothes will have a sizing chart on their site.  This outlines the measurements that make up their sizes and these can vary greatly from what you’re used to.  If they don’t have a sizing chart then it’s time to shop elsewhere.

Following these tips will help you get the sizing right and look smashing in your new purchases.  There is no guarantee that mistakes won’t happen but shopping at an online retailer with a solid reputation that allows returns will minimize the aggravation.

5 Best Couponing Sites on the Internet

5 Best Couponing Sites on the Internet

Saving money is a priority for everyone especially if you have a family to take care of.  If you have ever seen the TV show “Extreme Couponing” it probably motivated you to see if you can manage to buy $1,000 worth of groceries for $5.  The people who do this type of couponing spend hours scouring the internet to get coupons, they look through the Sunday flyers and everywhere else.  It is almost a full time job!  You can still save money without spending 8 hours a day clipping coupons.

There are a ton of good coupon sites on the internet that you can find deals and discounts on some of your favorite merchandise.  While you can find coupon sites everywhere, there is only a handful or so that consistently offer great deals.  Here are the 5 best couponing sites on the internet.


This is one of the longest running coupon sites out there.  You should check there often before you do any shopping since they update deals and discounts faster than most of the other sites.   Big drawback though, it is a US only site so the deals are only with US retailers.

2. Smart Source

This is another site that has been around for a while and it is often where the other smaller sites grab their data.  All you have to do is give them your zip code and it will give you the deals local to you.

3. Groupon

Groupon is a little different from the traditional coupons that you might be used to but you can still get some awesome deals locally and online.  They are fantastic for things like spa services offering up to 90% off.   Retailers offer deep discounts on a product or service they sell, but in most cases there is a time limit to when you can use it.

4. Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not has the best of both worlds it combines discount codes for some of your favorite online stores along with printable coupons you can use at your local Walmart or supermarket. Lots of retailers use Retail Me Not to advertise savings and specials so this is a great site to save some money.


CouponChief works very similarly to Retail Me Not with some added features. It has a forum where users can share deals and vote on whether they are worth using or not.  The deals you see have all been approved by the community.  There are deals here for absolutely everything you can imagine both online and locally.  Check in with them before your next shopping trip!

These are our picks for the 5 best couponing sites on the internet, if you have some other suggestions just let us know.